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Toward the bottom of this page are some way cool QUOTES from the music professionals.

Or check out the wild, raw handwritten reviews in the GUEST BOOK.  Directly below is a small sample from this ongoing live-shows book of comments begun early 2005.  Many are from "Bruce's Favorite Outlaw Places in the World to Play," for instance, late night in the parking structure (see video).  Zero comments are edited out, only contact info.  It's a large and vivid file, thousands of scanned notes.  Enjoy the ride...

"Beautiful on a Sunday evening.  Like being serenaded by the moon."

"Such a beautiful guitar.  Like a magnet brought your music to my core."

"Awesome.  Fast.  Sounds like two guitars playing at once.  It's cool how it sounds like you're playing rhythm guitar and lead at the same time."

"An unbelievable talent.  Thanks for making our night." (Minneapolis)

"Thanks, it's very crasy!!! You are so good!!! Sorry, my Englich." (Montreal)

"Your music absolutely lifts the night."

"Stunning!" (Paso Robles)

"I was walking up State Street and I heard the music up above and I had to come up the stairs to hear - and it sounded like heaven & there was a man in the parking lot playing a guitar with fingers of lightning speed the music that touches people's hearts.  Thank you for joy."

"Beautiful music.  I love Caffeine." (New Zealand)

"Your music is inspiration. You are an amazing player and I love the spots you choose to play."

"Amazing! I love it.  We will remember you when we are back in Europe."

"Such romance you play.  We live near - we have been listening to you most Sunday nights - since Sept 2012.  We will be married April 11, 2015.  It's all your fault."

"I've never had goose bumps in my head.  But it happened when I heard you playing... Never stop, please." (Saudi Arabia)

"You made our night in Santa Barbara.  Thx.  Sincerely.  -HWY 101 Roadtrippers

"Thank you cannot express the deep gratitude that bursts from my heart like a rainbow of light at the sounds you convey."

"Great unique vocals! You really stand out."

"I feel absolutely rich!"

"Good look in your songs." (Mexico)

"The sounds soothe. Quite a holy extension." (Plymouth, Mass)

"Bruce! Wow!!! What an utter joy! I am filled with truest delight and smiling from all the way inside.  You have made this day."

"Your music is dream-like.  It makes me feel all warm inside - as though I am in a womb."

"An incredible side-trip - fantastic acoustics - you drew us to you.  Thank you!!"

"Love your sound!" (Avila Beach)

"Thank you for changing our lives.  Your music is magic to our hearts.  Bless you for this moment in time, always to be remembered."

"I leave for London tomorrow.  I'll take some of your joy with me."

"Each time I see you, I'm with a new boy - but each time I fall in love with your music.  It's womb-like & BITCHIN!"

"Very peaceful and intence music." (Mexico)

"You are awesome!!!" (Japan)

"Bruce, you are an EVENT!!"

"He draws you into your soul."

"I really enjoy what you do! It makes our beautiful city even more wonderful."

"Beautiful to hear someone playing for playing's sake... You made the whole area come alive..." (London)

"Thanks for your music and hints from home." (Hawaii)

"I think you should write a song about frogs." (San Francisco)

"Today I am nineteen, tomorrow I will be twenty.  Tonight I was feeling so sad, now having heard you play like my own private celebration of that hum of beautiful things to be happy about, I feel full and light..."

"Wonderful! We enjoyed the whole evening.  Keep on keeping on - you bring great joy." (Bay Area)

"Fantastic!" (Phoenix)

"Great music." (Pismo Beach)

"You have touched my soul and inspired me to keep my practicing going."

"To jest piekne goscie 2 Polski." ["This is beautiful--Guests from Poland."] (Thanks, Beata, for translating, and for saying, "I am so hyper of excitement to hear you playing!!!!")

"Your music made a perfect night for me... You're the best I've heard."

"You have perfect pitch, and are good enough to make yourself rich.  But instead you play here and scratch that itch.  To play all night.  You're tight.  That's right.  Good 


"It's been a difficult time for us.  What a sweet surprise to discover you here.  P.S. Loved being able to peruse this book."

"Incredible concert in Santa Barbara, unexpected, and for free!!!" (Santiago, Chile)

"You're the man with the great sounds.  First time in Santa Barbara and you made it a special memory.  I wish I could amplify the sound to L.A."

"You bring magic to the air.  Thank you.  I was watching everyone walk by and stop to smile at your music."

"Inspiring music that's worth a million words!"

"Exquisite." (Brazil)

"Your music is beautiful.  I wish I had your courage to let my heart speak the music, the language of the soul." (Bay Area)

"You add to the magic of this city."

"In your hands, the expertise of talent and art is extolled in the bravura of your skills and sound." (Mill Valley)

"Love your music! So cool! Very different! Now I'm your #1 fan!"

"Ay dios mio!!! You are amazing.  You make my blood boil and my heart wonder, what if...?"

"Fill the evening with music, Bruce! A real joy." (London)

"I love your music.  It truthfully makes me smile.  It makes me feel like nothing could go wrong."

"Sounded so good, we aborted our trek to dinner and came up to see who was behind the beautiful sounds! Hope you'll be up in Santa Cruz sometime."

"...As if the angels played a harp of serenity, I heard the wonderful nylon acoustic guitar amplified by your passion."

"I like you."  -Aliana, 7 years old

"My boyfriend and I came out to Santa Barbara for a day, and I must say you were the topping to the cake.  You're awesome!"

"Very nice music!" (Chico)

"Where have you been? You've brought me to tears..." (New Orleans)

"Great music." (Norway)

"What a place to find an amazing guitarist!" (Tokyo)

"Thanks a lot for the emotions!!!" (Italy)

"You are incredible! Fastest fingers I've ever seen! You rock!" (Chicago sister)

"Amazingly wonderful acoustics..." (Oregon sister)

"VERY NICE!" (Pasadena)

"Made my day.  Pity about the hole in the guitar.  A bit different from the Cambridge guitar Orchestra in England, my "group." (England)

"What a gift your music is. It is a special moment of my summer experience!"

"I bought your CD.  Your music makes me feel happy, sad, mad all at the same time.  I love it."

"Phat tones!"

"I love what you've done for State St.  The marvel and wonder I see in their faces as they hear your music, yet cannot find it.  You bring wonder to their lives! Thank you."

"Bruce, your music is so beautiful.  I could listen to it for hours. We were heading home and drawn to your delightful sounds."

"Thanks for sharing your magical gifts and talents."

"Magnificent!!! Thank you for your gift to us."

"Bruce, beautiful music.  I love guitar, especially fingerstyle, this music you're playing is like water on my soul.  It's my most soothed and listening place.  I seem to hear you play always after dance rehearsals so my first impulse is to dance.  Thanks for your music!"

"Thanks! Every time I hear the music from this parking lot, I remember all the great moments in life."

"Thank you for being and displaying your love for music.  The passion is felt and greatly appreciated."

"The sound takes you away to wonderful places!"

"Frickin awesome!"

"Thanks for something beautiful and random.  I need that today."

"You are AMAZING!!!"

"I love the texture and romantic feeling of your muusic.  The chords are full and gorgeous, delicate and filled with passion.  Beautiful."

"Thanks so much, Bruce.  We listen to your CD all the time.  You are the best!" (St. Paul)

"Totally awesome.  This is the best classical playing I have ever got to witness first hand besides Al Di Meola."

"The best part of Santa Barbara! Thank you." (New York)

"We loved your music.  Made our day! Awesome! ROCK ON!!" (Toronto, Canada)

"I've heard your music on several occasions, yet every time I hear the beautiful product of your spirit, I'm lifted up again to a state of pure contentment and joy, knowing such beauty and love exists! Thank you for your priceless gift!"

"Your sound is intoxicating and brilliant."

"Thank you for filling the streets with your beautiful music. You're a real inspiration to me.  Keep doing what you're doing.  It means a lot to people."

"You made me experience Europe.   Thank you."

"Love the sound!" (Cool police sergeant, buying cd rather than busting Bruce for busking!)

"What a beautiful treat for two English guys passing through Santa Barbara - beautiful music." (Manchester, UK)

"The music you make is sooooo beautiful! Thank you!" (Amsterdam)

"Thanks for doing something so deep and spiritual for Santa Barbara.  I told people in Germany about what you are doing.  The sound of your music is so great...  It is taking my thoughts somewhere else, somewhere good."

"A big kiss from Italian people." (Italy)

"Thanks much for the unexpected treat!!" (Bozeman)

"We enjoyed to listen to your great improvisations." (Cologne, Germany)

"Thank you for the great time we are having! Brazil in Santa Barbara! Warmest regards from Rio de Janero." (Brazil)

"I listen to you often.  You have brought much joy into my life.  Thank you."

"Thank u for ur awesome music on this beautiful Friday night!!!" (South Korea)

"It is an experience of soothing, beautiful artistic music that brightens the world around you."

"My soul flies up and soars with each note you so skillfully and passionately play.  Thank you!"

"You are amazing.  Your music is going to Israel.  Thank you."

"I am from Taipei, Taiwan... Beautiful music make people happy.  I think the artist is a very smart musician." (Taiwan)

"I've been coming to hear you play for over a year... I close my eyes and your music vibrates through my soul, touching deep down caverns I had long forgotten or never known.  It mystifies and breaks me, only to softly soothe and smooth the sharp edges, like ocean waves on broken glass."

"You're an amazing guitarist.  Your music is inspiring to me.  This song "Storm" is moving.  I can actually SEE the storm happening.  Awesome, amazing, wonderful does not even describe your music.  I look forward to listening to your CD.  Thank you for your gift."

"Everything about this moment is beauty.  Your music, your spirit, your gravity.  I've been in Santa Barbara for two months and it's been rough, but you make it all go away."

"In the delight of this eve, in the glimmer of the moon, nothing has provided more, than enjoying the sweet aura of your melody."

"For the beauty of spirit that sings sweetly through this voice your music, thank you!"

"Reminds me of flying with my eyes closed!"

"You made our experience here magical.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!"

"You make life here so much sweeter! I LOVE IT!"

"Fantastic! The best acoustic I've ever heard."

"You're what music is about."

"Words can't say it - but your music can."

"What a beautiful thing to witness.  Someone truly doing what they love for love's sake."




Bruce Reduced - Original painting by Beverly Savinski

Guitar Bruce - Original painting by Beverly Savinski

Plus there's...


CD Review, Merlin's Leap:
"...exploring and reaching the ear of those who have the fortune to listen to these enchanted melodies of joy."
- The Channels, April 2005

"Leo Kottke on speed!"
- Steve Garvan, Garvan Management

"Oh my God...  I've never seen fingers strum and pick and pluck so fast in my life...  Song after beautiful song after incredible song, I was truly impressed...  You come across someone as talented as this and you go, 'Oh my God!  That was incredible...'  Reminds me of Leo Kottke.... great, blew me away... He's strumming so fast and so hard with his fingers, when I was watching his index finger - that thing was going so fast, it was like, jeez dude, some of us got turned on..."
- ROCK99, Salt Lake City, UT, Live on the Mick & Allan Show

Editor's Pick
- CD Baby, Dec 2001

"This album is great!!! Just fantastic playing & writing."
- Micah Solomon, President, Oasis CD Duplication


"It has a very warm feel too often missing from solo guitar CDs."
- WUNC, Chapel Hill, NC

- National Public Radio

"Incredible guitar-work."
-KRVM, Eugene OR

"Lovely work - will be a favorite & played often."
-WELY, Ely, MN

"Very nice work - the cut Caffeine especially!"
- KFCF, Fresno, CA

"We'll continue to share it [Coast] with listeners for a long time to come." [Then, describing Bruce's style] "Leo Kottke and Carlos Montoya or some flamenco guy, and maybe a little classical influence and put them in a Cuisinart."
- KUMD, Duluth, MN

Excerpt NEED article, July 2002:
"Rarely-if ever-do we come across this sort of alchemy, this sense of love and admiration for an instrument, while listening to a record these days. It’s just not there anymore. Records today are made for profit, not profundity. It’s all about hooks, looks and sales. Seldom a day it is when a record scoops you up on a magic carpet in one quick motion and whisks you through all sorts of feelings and emotions. Many times, when we buy a new disc, before the third or fourth track is even over, we’re looking to skip ahead and see what else it has to offer. We’re bored. The same ole, same ole.

Guitarist Bruce Goldish’s first record, “Coast,” offers us a chance to delve into something entirely different—and here’s the great thing about this record: It is just Goldish and his guitar. Nothing more. There are no vocals or cheesy lyrics to bog it down. There’s no overdubs to make you wonder just how hell it was done. It’s just Bruce, his guitar and his soul. Unfiltered art. Pure. Uncomplicated. And in today’s market: extremely courageous.

It is an all-instrumental disc from a guy who can’t read or write music. Go figure. When one brings this sort of street mentality and raw education to a genre that is laden with Berklee graduates and protégées of the latest and greatest, it offers the modern listener, the person who doesn’t really listen to the genre, a genuine feel for the improvisation involved in a project like this... It’s the sort of music I assume heavy metal guitarist Ritchie Blackmore would be doing if he wasn’t spending his time with Deep Purple. It’s classical music, I guess one could say, with an edge; it’s instrumental guitar with cocktail sauce.

...this music would work rather swimmingly in front of three thousand suits and bow ties at a classy band shell during a warm summer evening in Greenwich, Connecticut. But one has to understand something about good music, regardless of the genre: It can also work in the confines of a 1987 Datsun B-210 while one is perhaps going off to the factory in the morning. It’s simple pleasures, that’s all. One doesn’t need a PhD. to enjoy something; one only needs to give it a chance.

In fact, Bruce Goldish’s “Coast” will sweep you away and actually force you to think about things in your life—instead of allowing you just get by with mumbling along to the latest disposable pop song that you’ll hear three or four times that same day anyway.

Catch Bruce Goldish now while you can still afford it. Soon he’ll be playing the likes of Carnegie Hall, and you’ll be forced to take out a small loan just to buy tickets in the nosebleed section."
-  M. William Phelps, New England Entertainment Digest, July, 2002

(Click here for the complete article.)

Here is the half hour radio interview In the Public Interest with Peter Bie, aired on Nov 22, 2009 on  KTYD, KTMS, KLITE, KIST.