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Musician Site Plugs:

  • BILL LANPHAR - Soulful lyrics, subdued yet powerful vocals and guitar.  Disgustingly brilliant and modest, this guy.  CDs, Dance Around the Years and I Found You.
  • KRIS DELMHORST - If you don't like this Boston area woman's original folk lyrics and honey voice, well, you're just nuts.  CDs available.
  • EARL & THE EXPANDING POLKA FUNK EXPERIENCE - A finger-picking polka-playing funky-singing jazzy-sounding poetic-musing polyphonic experience often inspiring spontaneous laughter & wide-eyed wonder.
  • CROSBY LOGGINS - Radiant vocals, precision guitarwork.
  • PAT MILLIKEN - Shimmering open tuning fingerstyle on his CD Motif.
  • ANDREW JACKSON - Fingerstyle buffet  of slack-key influenced flamenco and loads of alt-tunings.  Keep an ear out for his debut cd.
  • MIRIAM DUNCOMBE - Voted (by me) Most Talented Musician at the 2002 TAXI Convention in LA.  Among other award-winners, hers is the original title track to the IMAX movie "Ocean Men." Absolutely killer voice, lyrics and arrangements.
  • BEST OF COLD SPRING TAVERN -  This is an epic CD, 16 top area musicians, players at Santa Barbara's oldest, most famous tavern. Patty Tierney, producer.
  • VINCE CHAFIN - Flouts with a flute, though his basis is playing bass, and he singer/songwrites too.  Check out Vince's flutes and cds.
  • JONES FAMILY - Hosts of annual Old Santa Ynez Day blowout concert, magnets of good music and good times.

Plugs of a Non-Musical Nature:

  • KEEPTRYING.COM  - Bruce's sister Melanie's website.  The story of a seven year old bone marrow recipient with leukemia, Bruce's nephew.  Miracles happen!
  • SuperSibs! - To honor, support, and recognize brothers and sisters of children with cancer.  Help out - or hey, just check it out!

Videos of a Miscellaneous Nature:

A couple live and vocal covers, mp3 audio clips

Tomorrow is a Long Time - Written by Bob Dylan, performed live at the Bob Dylan Tribute (benefit for Keep the Beat),  SOhO, Santa Barbara, May 22, 2005.
This Time I Have to Leave - Written by Dan McFarland, performed on Warren Zevon's final album, and here, live at the Warren Zevon Tribute, SOhO, Santa Barbara, October 7, 2003.

Impulse Video

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (vocal) Shot with a CHEESY digital camera - but it's such an inspirational spot high in the Rocky Mountains, on the 10,000-mile MERLIN'S LEAP tour, fall 2004.  Written by Bob Thiele, George David Weiss and George Douglas - 11 megs

Somewhere Over the Rainbow mp3 audio instrumental
Two versions. I originally recorded and put them up here for a couple who wanted to check them out for when she walked down the aisle (which she did): Steel string in DADGAD and Nylon string in Standard (Music written by Harold Arlen, lyrics by E.Y. "Yip" Harburg.)